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J. Worra, Black V Neck,
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Malcolm Zeller
Black V Neck
Truth X Lies
J. Worra

Malcolm Zeller
Black V Neck
Truth X Lies
J. Worra
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Learn, chat & share

Access a ton of exclusive benefits by becoming a member of our vibrant discord server.

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Chat on all topicsTalk about production, mixing, music-theory and gear. Get feedback on your music from other members and support each other on new releases.

Collaborate with other artistsUse our collab channel to find a partner in crime on your next project. We highly recommend working with other artists to get better results.

Compete in Beat BattlesWe give you a random sample and a week to create a killer beat. Our coaches judge the beats live and the best beat wins a prize.

Watch LivestreamsOur coaches go live every week giving you feedback, creating tracks, doing AMA´s and more. You’re also welcome to host your own streams.

Private lessons & servicesWith a Kick & bass membership you get access to affordable private lessons with our coaches as well as mixing & mastering services.

Project-files & templatesWe are offering you a bunch of project files and templates so you can get inspired or get an easier start to your next project.

Plus much more!


Weekly uploads

Learn everything you need know to make club-ready house music. Topics incl. everything

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Improve faster

Get in-depth feedback from our coaches with specific actions you can take to improve.

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Improve your sound

If you’re a Standard or Premium member at Kick & Bass you can get feedback on your music. And we highly recommend it.

Submit your track via a Soundcloud link and choose between written or video feedback. Give our coaches 1-2 business days on written feedback and 4-5 business days on video feedback.

When you receive your feedback you will know exactly where to take action and improve your music.

This feature is the ultimate shortcut to making better music, fast.

What our

members say

Headshot of Chris Gooding
“The level of support in this community makes it feel like a massive family; whether it’s asking questions, collaborating, or anything really. This community is there for your whenever you need it.”

-Chris Gooding
Headshot of Haylee
“I love being part of kick and bass! I’ve been able to finish 5 solid tracks with the help of great feedback from the coaches. And my favorite part is that I’ve found potential life long friends in the process.”

Headshot of ALVES
“The community not only is very friendly they are a huge help. When it comes to questions everyone is quick to jump in and help where they can. I can see myself being a member for a long time.”

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Get discovered

Submit your music for a chance to get it played out by some of the leading artists in the scene. (premium only)

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Get your music discovered

As a premium member you can submit one track a month
for a chance to get it send out with our Inflyte list.

Inflyte is a service where you can send and receive promos. We have more than 300 DJ’s signed up to our list, which includes some of the biggest names in the industry.

Our coaches review the submitted tracks once a month and if your track meets our sound quality requirements we will send it out to the list and hopefully your track gets picked up.

After a few weeks you will receive an Inflyte report with; number of downloads, number of plays and reviews on your music.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Use the drop-downs below to explore our FAQ

Q: Can I join the discord if I don’t use Ableton?

Yes absolutely. Although most of our coaches work with Ableton, this does not mean we are an Ableton-only community. In fact our members use all sorts of DAWs and everything we teach you will be applicable to any DAW.

Q: I just started producing. Will I benefit from Kick & Bass?

Absolutely. Kick and Bass caters to producers of all skill levels, from beginners to experts. Regardless of whether you’ve just started producing or have some prior experience, you’ll find there’s something for you.

By joining our community, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange knowledge, share your work, and receive valuable feedback. Our livestreams and Q&A sessions provide a platform for interactive learning, where you can ask questions, get insights from industry professionals, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques.

Q: Does my subscription include private lessons?

Private lessons are not included in your subscription, however, they can be purchased at affordable prices. Side-note: This one-on-one interaction can greatly accelerate your learning process and help you overcome any specific challenges you may be facing. We highly recommend it.

Q: Does K&B offer any discounts on plug-ins?

Yes. We do offer discounts on plugins, packs and more. Check the “Product-discounts” channel inside Discord for more info.

Q: How often does the coaches livestream?

Although there is no set streaming schedule, coaches stream every week on various topics and rotate to make sure every coach gets a fair share of on air time.

What if my question isn’t listed in the FAQ above?

No worries. You can always shoot us an email at [email protected]

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